Newspaper Layout: Which Mode Is Best For Color Pictures?

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In a newspaper or magazine layout process, often encountered on the color image processing, a color when you open a picture, it might be RGB mode, it may be CMYK mode Print Union. So when using Photoshop is to use RGB mode or CMYK mode for color images using it? In this paper, the author's views on this issue to talk about printing.

Using Photoshop in the process of dealing with pictures, first of all it should be noted that, for the opening of an image, whether it is CMYK mode image, or RGB mode image, are not in the mutual transfer between the two modes , not to the two models and turn printing tools. Because, in the lattice image editing software, once for each image color space conversion, will lose some details of the original image information equipment Consumables . If a picture for a while turned into RGB mode, while conversion to CMYK mode, the image information loss would be a great printing market. It should be said that the newspaper publishing process for color printing plate picture pattern must be CMYK mode image, or printing will not be printed. But not to say that carrying out image processing mode when processing images to CMYK printing effect will certainly be good, or should be printed under the circumstances of tools. In fact, dealing with the Photoshop image Select RGB mode stronger than the effect of the effect of using the CMYK mode, RGB mode as long as handle the image, then convert it into CMYK mode image after the output of film on the printing plate making and printing tools available.

During image processing, if the open processing of the image itself is RGB mode image, or the original image using Scanners Entry process allows you to select RGB mode scanning, this layout for the color newspaper printing is no better alliance. When scanning the original image using Photoshop as long as the menu bar select the File option in the RGB color settings set the option, through the input color image scanner RGB mode the picture shall be in central China. In short, without first transforming picture mode on the case, to get to the RGB mode the picture, you use this model to the image processing, especially the pictures downloaded from the Internet, to ensure that the picture of the printing effect, it must processed using the RGB mode printing tools. On the following aspects of exposition, clearly explains this view materials market.

(1) RGB model is based on optical principle of all equipment used in color printing central way. Such as monitors, RGB mode based on the equipment supplies. The RGB color model range is greater than CMYK mode, so, RGB mode to the performance of many colors, especially the vivid and bright colors (of course, the color display must be calibrated, and it will not appear distorted picture of color) in central printing. This color is difficult to print in the printing equipment was out of supplies. This is the image color mode conversion from RGB to CMYK screen will dim when the main central printing. RGB mode in Photoshop to edit the picture, you must first select the View menu CMYKPreview instructions (if you use Photoshop for the Chinese version, then select the light map as the view options menu bar, select one of the CMYK option to ), that is, using RGB mode editing pictures, and in CMYK mode display image, so the operator can see the color picture on the screen is actually needed for color printing, this is very important in the application at the time of printing this be a good amount of kinds of image processing method of printing union. Photoshop work in CMYK mode, RGB color channel, one more than the other, it also use RGB CMYK simulated display of the display effect, and, CMYK of the calculations and based on completely different principles of optics TGB, therefore, CMYK mode of dealing with pictures of some less efficient, processing images have poor quality of some of the printing technology.

(2) using the Photoshop image processing, some Photoshop filters in certain why he did not slow CMYK mode printing tools.
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Newspaper Layout: Which Mode Is Best For Color Pictures?

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This article was published on 2010/09/08