The Best Ways To Fix Sleep Mode Present In Windows Vista

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Windows systems all come with power management utilities; one particular utility is called sleep mode. This mode will essentially act as a pause change to all computer activity, first saving all your work then powering off. You can think of Windows sleep mode acting as your pause turn on a video game, DVR or DVD player; when you move your mouse, or touch your keyboard it’ll resume where you left-off.

Quite often you are able to edit the power settings to enter sleep mode at a certain level of inactivity. It is really an useful tool towards saving power and also to minimize the usage of your monitor. Often times however, owners of Windows 7 or Windows Vista have been faced with problems where this specific mode either turns on without activity or doesn’t turn back off at all.

There are quite a few ways to fix sleep mode and we will list some of the most common methods here in this brief article.

Problem – your computer ‘wakes’ with out you touching the mouse or keyboard. This is generally brought on by your network card; here is how to fix sleep mode for this problem:

Step One- right mouse click “My Computer”, after which click properties.
Step Two – Visit device manager and then properties.
Step Three – Click Network card on the Network Adapters and click on on the plus sign (+) to expand it.
Step Four – Right mouse click in your network card after which select properties.
Step Five – Click on the ‘Power Management’ tab and un-tick the option to prevent your network card from waking up Windows.
Step Six – Click OK and done.

Problem – The computer won’t fall asleep on its own, however the monitor does. This really is mainly a problem with Windows 7; however it may also happen in other Windows versions. There are lots of reasons; you will first need to find out which device is causing the issue.

Step One – First make certain all of your drivers are current or more up to now.
Step Two – Click your start button after which ‘Run’, type in ‘CMD’ and be sure to run as administrator. It should open a dialog box.
Step Three – Key in this exact phrase (without quotes) ‘powercfg -devicequery wake_armed’. This will show you all of the devices that can awaken sleep mode.
Step Four – You may now disable a tool by typing on this command (without quotes, and where device should be replaced name of the device) ‘powercfg -devicedisablewake device’.

If these solutions don’t fix sleep mode errors that you are experiencing, you might have to make contact with the computer technical team to diagnose the problem.

There are other ways to fix sleep mode when the solutions in this article didn’t meet your needs. Please visit to obtain more information and computer repair tips.

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The Best Ways To Fix Sleep Mode Present In Windows Vista

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This article was published on 2010/12/17